About HADI? 

HADI is a software platform developed by 3DII, it is dedicated to 2D X-Ray image processing.

We have some products based on HADI platform.

First of all, all products support following features:

  • Support various image formats loading and saving.(gif, bmp, jpg, tif, tiff, png, etc.)
  • Support image/scene loading and saving.
  • Support 16bit image I/O and Window/Level adjust.
  • Support image calibration.
  • Support image histogram and profile.
  • Support multiple languages. (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Support up to 21 measurement tools.
  • Support up to 14 images filters.
  • Support command line invoke with various parameters.
  • Advanced template management.
  • Full featured reporting and printing functions.
  • Support windows explorer integration.

And the difference between them are simply described here:

  • HADI – Inspection : It contains Automated Void Inspect functions.
  • HADI – BGA :  It contains Automated BGA Detection, Automated Void Inspect functions.
  • HADI – Inspection Pro : It is an in-line product includes In-line Void Inspection. It also support all functions in above two products.
  • HADI – iBoard: It is an in-line product that dedicated to PCB Inspection.
  • HADI – iBoard Pro : It is an in-line product that include all functions of above products.

See More Detail Comparison Here


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