Support Various Image Formats

  • PNG, XPM, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF etc.
  • RAW Image, RAW Image sequences.
  • 16-bit Images
  • Various Image Loading Approaches

Support Various Measurement Tools

  • Grid, Chod, Lines, Rectangle
  • Angle, Text, Star, Arrow, Polygon
  • Spline, Circles, Parallel Lines
  • Point, Perpendicular Lines, Curvature Tool, Lasso Tool

Support Various Image Filters

  • Crop, Rescale, Straighten, Rotation
  • Image Conversion, Edge Detection
  • Gaussian Blur, Invert, Contrast, Auto Contrast
  • Sharpen, Thresholding, Local Thresholding

Recognize Weak Void Contrast

HADI support Void inspection for very weak contrast case.

  • If the intensity contrast > 5, HADI is ready to do offline Void inspection.
  • If the intensity contrast > 10, HADI is ready to do inline Void inspection.

Find Void on Inhomogeneous Background

HADI provides special algorithm that process inhomogeneous background.

It makes HADI's Void recognition very high accuracy

Avoid Edge Leakage

HADI can always distinguish Void and Noise very well.


Template-based Inspection

All HADI products support Template-based inspection. and it can

  • Save all parameters in Image or in Measurement Tools.
  • Save the image alignment information.
  • Apply all saved parameters and Measurement Tools to a new image

Support UDP Communication

With UDP communication, third-part software can fully control HADI through internet.

Full-featured Exporting Functions

User can export very useful reports in Excel or PDF format.


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